About Us

About Us

True Italian Taste is promoted and financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and coordinated by Assocamerestero, an association of 78 Italian Chambers of Commerce all over the world, a big network proudly promoting Italy all over the globe.

Present in 54 countries with 140 service points and 18,000 members, Italian Chambers of Commerce support international growth of Italian enterprises with an approach focusing on open innovation and a great capacity for comprehension and analysis of international markets. They do this through their local roots, maintaining close ties with local business communities and institutions and organising a series of events promoting Italian exports.

The True Italian Taste project was developed with the involvement of Italian Chambers of Commerce in United States (Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York), Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) and Mexico (Mexico City).

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Italian American Chamber of Commerce Midwest

Founded in 1907, it promotes, facilitates and protects business relations between the United States and Italy, aiding expansion of commercial ties.

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Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas

Established in 1992 as a network for enterprises, promoting opportunities for trade and business

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Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West

Since 1992 its primary goal has been facilitating trade and business relations, promoting business opportunities between Italian and American enterprises on both markets.

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Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast

It has been promoting cultural and business ties between Italy and the USA since 1991, supporting the value of everything “Made in Italy”.

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Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

The first Italian Chamber of Commerce founded in the United States, it was established in 1887 to promote international trade, tourism, investment ad economic cooperation between Italy and the United States.

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The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Canada

A landmark for enterprises, professionals and development agencies with an interest in strengthening economic, commercial and industrial ties between Canada and Italy since 1961.

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Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario

founded in 1961, the main purpose of the Toronto Chamber of Commerce is to promote the development of business between Italian and Canadian companies, and also serves to develop greater possibilities for investment and growth.

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Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West

Established in 1992, it operates as a non-profit association with a mandate to promote and improve trade and bilateral investment between Italy and Western Canada.

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Cámara de Comercio Italiana en Mexico

Founded in 1948 to promote trade and investment ties between the two Countries.

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True Italian Taste also enjoys the support of institutional partners including the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, ITA Agency and other international organisations.

For its promotional work within Italy, Assocamerestero relies on a partnership with Aicig – the Italian association of geographic indication consortia – with Unioncamere and the Italian chamber of commerce system; it also draws on partnerships with trade associations in agriculture, food and wine, export consortia and trade fair organisations.


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in the world
18 thous.
88% local companies
300 thous.
business around CCIEs

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