The international campaign The Extraordinary Italian Taste, supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, is an integrated communication plan created since 2016 to defend products that are 100% Made in Italy and to stimulate their consumption abroad. Within the Campaign, True Italian Taste is an initiative by Assocamerestero (Association of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Worldwide), in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce Worldwide, to enhance authentic agro-alimentary Italian products and to protect them from the spreading phenomenon of “Italian Sounding” non-original products. USA, Canada and Mexico are the focus markets in this campaign, as they have the most significative consumption of the original Italian products in the world.
Among the many promotional events of the whole campaign held since 2016, the Italian Educational Tour is a special journey that Assocamerestero organize by inviting the major experts of food and beverage from Northern America to discover the Italian excellences in the agrifood industry. During these event, the influencers and opinion leaders will be able to meet the protagonist products of the campaign as well as top chefs that will show them how they transform the best foodstuffs into the most famous recipes. Moreover, they will be also guided into the places and the landscapes of the local traditions, where they will discover the true culture that gave birth to the most authentic Italian culinary histories, in order to finally find out what would it tell food, if it could talk!

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Italian Sounding

The spread of counterfeiting and falsification involving Italian food products entails significant costs for Italy, both in economic terms and with regard to reputation. In particular, the Italian sounding phenomenon - which refers to the creation of products of dubious quality, production method and origin, and giving them an Italian sounding name - strikes our most representative products. This phenomenon, almost half of which derives from North American markets, has reached a magnitude of nigh on half of the turnover of Italy's entire food industry (132 billion). Assocamerestero - in collaboration with the 9 CCIEs in the United States, Canada and Mexico - has been monitoring these aspects with the "TRUE ITALIAN TASTE" Project, promoted and funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.


Have a look at the map with the recap of all the locations included in the educational tours and discover more on where to taste some of the best specialities
among the excellences of the italian agrifood industry.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto

2017 10-15 JULY

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2015 25 NOV


2016 26-28 Oct

CIBUS 2016

2016 9-12 MAY


2017 15-19 MAY

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